About Us

SCMOPEX is a team of dedicated professionals that specialize in optimization.

Our Global team includes engineers with years of experience and cover a wide range of professions including:

Supply Chain, Operations, Purchasing, Materials Management, Inventory Control, Logistics and Transportation, Production Planning, Finance & Budget, Accountants and ERP/MRP (IT) Systems.

Out teams are made up of three tiers: The Executive Team, The Online Team, The In-House Team.

  • The Executive team (Founders) provide leadership, vision and general management.
  • The Online Team manages all online consultancies and communications.
  • The In House team visits sites when necessary.

Meet the Executive Team

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SCMOPEX is managed by a dedicated team of engineers and professionals with one aim, to optimize your success.

Our Approach

We believe that there is never a perfect solution, only constantly improved operations and supply chains. That is why we approach every client with a progressive system.

Each clients requirements are different, and while the methods and models are all the same, the people using them are not.

OPEX and SCM is about people not methods.  That is why we approach each client from the human level, and integrate change without abrasion.

The best OPEX and SC Optimization is a cohesive collaborative approach that is built from within the workforce outwards.

Our services are initially online, and after we understand your issues, we discuss on site needs.

Helping Hands
  • Are you in need of assistance? Do you need to optimize your operations? Do you want to increase your profitability?
  • Perhaps your company or business is failing? Do you require optimization but cannot afford it?
  • Obviously, a any inefficient operation is a painful affair. The most painful part of it are the high demands of consultancies needed to pull you out of your problems.
  • This is why SCMOPEX is unique:
    • We provide a PROBONO optimization service for self employed and home based manufacturers and retailers..
    • We provide bespoke PYC plan for optimization for manufacturers and producers that are in financial difficulties.  We aim to help get you out of the red, and into profitability.
    • We provide services that cover every Supply Chain and Operational Excellence sector as well as offer professional referral insights and online marketing assistance for improving your productivity.

We spread the cost of your optimization so you can concentrate on making profits and not on paying expenses.

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