Africa: The Challenge for Excellence


the birthplace of humanity, the original supply chain of life.

Become a Supply Chain leader for Africa

The continent of Africa is the most diverse there is in the world. The nations making up this amazing land mass are so diverse, that there is no common denominator between each nation. The misconception that everyone has when generalizing Africa is both insulting and incorrect.

Sure, the term African means someone that was born in Africa, but what does it mean to be an African?

When you ask someone from Egypt or Morocco, you will get a different answer from a native of Ghana, Chad or Sierra Leone. Perhaps South Africa and Madagascar might surprise you, and Sudan, Ethiopia and the Congo will definitely provide you with a different opinion.

The culture, language and history of every nation is totally different, although there is one common thread that unites all of these nations together, they were all raped, pillaged and abused by the Europeans from the 15th Century onwards and the Muslim traders of the 11th Century already realized what a great wealth of slaves could be made from the East Coast.

Modern USA, South America and the Caribbean was built on the bodies of countless African prisoners (slaves) and those that were lucky enough to remain home were beaten and trodden.

Yet, with all this going on, a large percentage of the African nations thrived, and the cultural tribal warfare between tribes was even more bloody that the onslaught of the white man. Where war lords continued to vie for control, and settle ancient scores.

Today, Africa is a continent still undergoing constant change. Emerging from bloody wars that troubled this continent during the 20th Century, the modern Africa is a thriving land mass of individuals seeking a way to succeed, where natural resources are sought after by every country in the world, especially China. Where supply chains are weak links, trust and communications are still a major issue.

The Greatest African Resource: Its People

Africa’s greatest resource is its people, and while the majority do not get access to proper education, the percentage that do excel in all they do.  One of the fundamental issues of supply chain professionalism is the inability for many African students and business people to access online courses due to the heavy costs they incur. An average European or American online course is beyond 90% of all African professionals, even businesses.

This is why SCMOPEX has decided to team up and focus on providing Africa with affordable (free):

  • Free supply chain training.
  • Free supply chain platform for discussions and article sharing,
  • free job board for posting and applying for jobs, and
  • free optimization consultancy for all African based businesses that want to emerge stronger and more efficient.

SCMOPEX is calling every African supply chain professional that wants to help build a stronger Africa to join up, and take the initiative to begin an African supply chain dialog.

We are calling for African supply chain leaders, one person to take the helm of and SCMOPEX division, a country head, that will spearhead the proliferation of excellence and supply chain principles through SCMOPEX and help consolidate a strong foundation and infrastructure that will build an African supply chain empire.

If you want to be a Supply Chain Leader, a Country Head and part of the new African Supply Chain Alliance, Register here and send a personal e-mail to us today!

It is no longer the time for the World for Africa, Africa is not a charity, it is a continent of amazing peoples.

It is time to build up an efficent Africa.

It is time for Africa Now!