Heroes of Supply Chain & OPEX

SCMOPEX is proud to announce that it is initiating a new award that we call:

Heroes of Supply Chain and OPEX

A hero is an individual or company that has provided one of the following:

  • Education and Knowledge: Successfully advanced Supply Chain and/or Operational Excellence.
  • Practical Application: Successfully demonstrated Supply Chain Engineering and/or Operational Excellence
  • Championed Online: Supply Chain Principles and/or Operational Excellence
  • Innovation: Introduced a unique or innovative Supply Chain and/or Operational Excellence Solution

Every month we will nominate 4 candidates (one for each category) for public consideration, and at the end of the year we will take a public opinion poll of all the candidates for each category, and together with the SCMOPEX heroes nomination board, officially recognize the Heroes of Supply Chain and Operational management of each category for 2018.

If you want to nominate a candidate, you may do so by registering and sending us your nomination here:

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