Imagine a site that connects supply chain professionals, discussing all kinds of professional topics. Sharing information, posting articles and news items. Helping each other find work, providing online education and courses, and even providing unlimited optimization and consultancy to any company or individual that seeks it.

Not original? It exists? Yes, it does, but for a price.

Now imagine that same scenario but its all free!

Yes, pro bono, you don’t pay a thing, ever.

But wait, that”s not all…OMG!



Imagine the above pays you to participate!

Yes, you get paid for participating in the sites activities. Every time you post an article or news item, every time you post a reply or response. Every time you look for a job via the job board, or post a job. Every time you apply for a course, which is also free, and every time you ask for help (which is again free), and of course, every time you bring in a new member.

  • Imagine all this and then consider the alternatives.

SCMOPEX is different because we are different.

We don’t have boxes to think out of, because boxes are packaging materials and have nothing to do with original thought processes.

What SCMOPEX does is give you, the supply chain professional the worlds first “we pay you to participate” professional network.


How does it work?


Step 1: Register on the site. Become a member.

Step 2: You receive 5,000 SCMOPEX digital coin. (Blockchain) Before August 31st,, 2018

Step 3: Start to participate, every login and action gives you more coin. (Algorithm based)

Step 4: If you want to buy coin, you can, its easy (After the ICO of course)

Step 5: Do you want to cash out your coin on an exchange, no problem, after the ICO you will be able to trade in SCMOPEX coin too.

Bottom Line:

Why take when you can give? This is the guiding light behind SCMOPEX.

We want to give to everyone free access to information, education, jobs and services (consultancy optimization and IT integration)

What next?

Register online today, become a pre ICO member, you get 5,000 coins (not 1,000) if you register online before August 31st. From August 31st you only get 1,000 coin pre ICO.

If you want to buy coin you can, during the ICO you get chance to also increase your coin base buy buying coin at an incentivized rate of 10:1, which means, for every 10 coins you by, we give you another 1 for free.

Post ICO?…we don’t know yet, but lets just say, when you give back more then you take, you get back more than you give.