The 50 for 100 Competiton

Do you want to win $50?

If yes, then all you need to do is participate in the SCMOPEX:

 50 for 100 Competition

The 50 for 100 competition is $50 prize given to the individual that provides the cheapest alternative or result for a specific internet sourcing/logistics task, as close to $100. The delta between $100 to the price provided by the individual will earn them a $50 prize payable in cash to the individual, and transferred online via Sendvalu.

Every 1st of the month a specific task will be set, and the closing date for results is the 22nd of every month. The prize will be given and announced publicly on the 30th of every month.

The task will be published online as a blog post from the Editor’s Desk, the task will be a sourcing task, where you will be given a logistics issue to price. You must support the result with actual online prices, this includes a specific web page with price or web pages, and these will be checked for validity.

  • To participate you will need to register online at SCMOPEX for free.
  • Send your results to
  • Only registered users of SCMOPEX will be considered.
  • You will need to use the special competition post that is provided every month. The post changes for every competition.
  • The winner will be publicly acclaimed with their result and how they got it.

The ultimate aim of this competition is to show everyone how online sourcing can reduce transportation costs radically when researched properly.

This is the link to Novembers Competition that is kicking off early.

Good Luck to All