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The Simple Supply Chain World: Part III – IT, ERP & MRP

 Introduction In this chapter of the Simple Supply Chain series, I look at the implications and impact of computer systems in the supply chain. There...

Introducing Collabor8 Ulule

I recently posted a request for people to help contribute, even in a small way to the development of the Collabor8 platform that will...
Abbott and Costello

Ode to the Warehouse Automater

In reminiscence of the great comedy duo Abbott and Costello, I decide to help some youngsters understand the concepts of supply chain by adapting...

Introducing CILT Philippines

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) supports the professionals who plan the roads, drive the trucks, bring in the raw...


Imagine a platform that allows every financially challenged, or economically restricted individual to join up for free with an idea. Just like an incubator,...

What Makes a Real Hero?

True heroism is not about fighting with a sword, it is about fighting with love, it is about not fighting with your body, but with your mind. The ability to give without reciprocity, the ability to provide without reward, the ability to be anonymous and not popular or famous.

Introducing Zambia Country Leader Samuel Mwandila

Samuel Mwandila Samuel is a procurement, logistics, transport and supply chain specialist. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Zambia, as well as completing an international advanced diploma in logistics and transport from C.I.L.T (UK). Samuel has a master's degree in procurement, logistics and supply chain management from the University of Lusaka.
Ian Kano

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The Simple Supply Chain World: Part I – Logistics

Introduction I was recently asked about my experience in supply chain, and what tools I would use to be a good supply chain manager.  I...

How to reduce hospital material/resource spending by 25% in 1 year

This article presents the case of the worlds only patient related MRP system that reduces cost by 25 within 1 year.