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sexy supply chain

Do you have a Sexy Supply Chain?

Yes, I know what you are thinking, but no, you can get rid of any unusual thoughts, this article is about The Supply Economics...
Abbott and Costello

Ode to the Warehouse Automater

In reminiscence of the great comedy duo Abbott and Costello, I decide to help some youngsters understand the concepts of supply chain by adapting...

The simple Supply Chain: Part II – Procurement

Introduction In the first part of this series, The simple Supply Chain art I - Logistics, I presented the four basic categories of supply chain...

How to reduce hospital material/resource spending by 25% in 1 year

This article presents the case of the worlds only patient related MRP system that reduces cost by 25 within 1 year.

New Job Board

SCMOPEX is adding a job board that will start to populate automatically within the next few weeks from job boards. The postings will all...
Ian Kano

Editors Message to Members

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Imagine a platform that allows every financially challenged, or economically restricted individual to join up for free with an idea. Just like an incubator,...

Praise to the Real Supply Chain Professional

Every home has multiple storage locations; these are cupboards for clothes, storage for toys, shelves for books, pantries for food, fridges for cold perishables, laundry areas and basements for storing unused or infrequently used items. There is a logistics center (garage), and sometimes that holds an engineering and maintenance storage facility (Shed). Storage locations are all over the place, yet they are managed with focus, and generally, the stay at home parent knows where every item is stored or located. WiP such as clothes being worn, or food being processed, are all remembered in the stay at homes main database, their head.

The State of the Gig Economy

The gig economy is a constantly expanding one, where individuals are continuously seeking novel ways to generate income from the IoT.

The Simple Supply Chain World: Part I – Logistics

Introduction I was recently asked about my experience in supply chain, and what tools I would use to be a good supply chain manager.  I...