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Praise to the Real Supply Chain Professional

Every home has multiple storage locations; these are cupboards for clothes, storage for toys, shelves for books, pantries for food, fridges for cold perishables, laundry areas and basements for storing unused or infrequently used items. There is a logistics center (garage), and sometimes that holds an engineering and maintenance storage facility (Shed). Storage locations are all over the place, yet they are managed with focus, and generally, the stay at home parent knows where every item is stored or located. WiP such as clothes being worn, or food being processed, are all remembered in the stay at homes main database, their head.

Introducing the worlds first Free Supply Chain Blockchain Network

What is a blockchain? Blockchain is a software platform that connects individuals into a decentralized information management system where transactions are stored in multiple nodes....

The State of the Gig Economy

The gig economy is a constantly expanding one, where individuals are continuously seeking novel ways to generate income from the IoT.

What Makes a Real Hero?

True heroism is not about fighting with a sword, it is about fighting with love, it is about not fighting with your body, but with your mind. The ability to give without reciprocity, the ability to provide without reward, the ability to be anonymous and not popular or famous.

New Job Board

SCMOPEX is adding a job board that will start to populate automatically within the next few weeks from job boards. The postings will all...

Emotional Intelligence & OPEX

One of the key performance factors required to provide operational excellence is an excellent mindset. Excellent mindsets require high EQ. EQ  or Emotional Intelligence...