Imagine a platform that allows every financially challenged, or economically restricted individual to join up for free with an idea. Just like an incubator, this one does not attract money, it attracts talent and skills.

This platform is designed for individuals that have time but no money, and want to work together on a project that will develop a product and eventually, when reaching a developed solution, become attractive for investment.

You have an idea, its a great one, but you cannot make it real because you don’t have the money to finance the various skills needed to create a prototype. You also try to build a business plan, apply for funding and are constantly refused because, guess what, you are either living in the wrong country (yes the world is full of bigots), perhaps the wrong color (yes the world is racist ), the wrong sex (Yes the world is full of idiots that cannot see further then their sexual organs) or you just don’t have the right education, connections, or whatever reason the incubators, banks and other investors claim is not working for them.

  • Stop begging for money, moaning about no cash, complaining about the hardships of fund raising.
  • Take your idea into your hands, and get collaborators to help work together for a combined success.


Collabor8 is all about removing the money from the equation. All you need is your idea and the ability to attract like minded individuals with the right skills to program, or fabricate, and write up about your idea. Eventually turning it into an active real prototype or beta.

  • You can live in a hut in Gambia, or a tent in Palestine, perhaps you live in a wooden shack in the Philippines or a broken down trailer in Albania.
  • Or, you live in a nice apartment in Manchester, a house in Houston or even a skyscraper in Singapore.


Guess what, money does not buy success! You can pour millions into a failure or you can work in collaboration with no cash assets, and create a success.

  • The biggest mistake is blaming it on lack of money.
  • Success is about working together, pooling resources, and building a winning team.
  • Success is about the struggle to win, (not survive), to dominate and win.


Collabor8 is all about sharing the wealth of ideas and the potential of success without the scrabble for money.

Your collaborators can be individuals with skill sets or companies offering services. Perhaps you might even have a manufacturing collaborator willing to fabricate your product, and a marketing expert that will get your product visible online. Every individual in the project “donates” their skills, time and even resources to collaborate in building the idea and gaining a joint ROI.

No more business plans designed to fail, no more pleading with venture capital or angels. All you need to do is register to Collabor8, request specific skills and services, and persuade others like you to join up and work together for a collaborative success.

Contact us now, or register for free to SCMOPEX and join the new world venture of collaboration.