Do You Trust Me? How to build supply chain supplier relationships


Download Article PDFTrust is the health food of the business world. Because numbers play such a huge role in business decisions, the value of trust in business relationships can be underestimated if not overlooked. How many times have you heard someone say: “It’s just a business decision” and asked yourself if they know what they’re throwing away? The fact is: Trust is essential to every business relationship and often sways decisions beyond the numbers.Nowhere is that more evident than in supplier-buyer relationships. How an industrial customer engages with its suppliers is often the difference between receiving game-changing preferential treatment and watching from the sidelines as others prosper. Clearly, trust relates to and enables these successful business relationships. The irony is that something seemingly as intangible as trust affects so many variables that are quite tangible. It’s never “just business” when it comes to the buyer-supplier relationship.Clearly, becoming the customer of choice and receiving preferential treatment from suppliers is something that is earned rather than given. But how does that happen? A survey of almost 250 suppliers shows what trust looks like and how to build it.SUBSCRIBERS: Click here to download PDF of the full article.