eBook “Delivery: The New Moment of Truth.”


By · January 29, 2019

Retailers are currently experiencing major transitions to meet growing customer expectations as a result of a shift in the moment of truth from an in-store decision to the point of delivery. This shift is due, in part, to “The Amazon Effect” and a growing ecommerce industry. Descartes has worked with a supply chain industry expert to create an eBook that explores how retailers are managing to meet their customers’ demands.

In this eBook, we will cover:

  • How transportation is transforming from cost-centric to consumer-centric strategies
  • What traditional transportation organizations are doing to drive convergence The increasing need for end-to-end visibility driven by technological advances
  • How to define and support your delivery initiatives
  • Descartes’ Integrated Solutions for Retail and how we can help Register now to download our eBook.

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