How Passive Income Works

The SCMOPEX Passive Income method is simple:

Basic Tenets:

  1. The more engineers we employ the larger our social networking reach
  2. The more clients we gain, the larger the income pot
  3. Even when the job is over, the client is still paying a subscription amount that can last up to 5 years


  1. You earn 50% of active jobs that you are leading
  2. You earn an equal % of the SCMOPEX pot depending on the number of engineers that are registered on the site and have completed at least one job in a year.
  3. You continue to earn that % even if you don’t have work.

Basic Calculations:

While SCMOPEX has 1,000 registered engineers:

  • When a customer pays $100 per month for 5 years, (t=$6,000) and you work on 10 customers a month, you earn 50% of the monthly income, which is 50×10=500.
  • You also earn 1/1000 of the $400 in the pot. (Remember 10% is for management fees of SCMOPEX)
  • While there are 1,000 engineers working on 10 jobs per month, a total of 10,000 jobs paying $100 a  month in subscription.
  • You will earn $500 from direct income + $400 from the pot.
  • Let us claim that after 1 year you stop working, you only do one customer a year.
  • You still get $500 per month + $400 (or equivalent depending on the number of registered engineers)  for the next 4 years. This is passive income based on your hard work.

The mathematics is simple: the more customers you service, the more you earn in passive income when you finish the job. The more you succeed the more attractive we become.

This is a true co-operative and the payment is based on a co-operative framework.