In the March 2019 Issue: Taking it to the next level


Download Article PDFA few days ago, a colleague sent me “The Death of Supply Chain Management,” an article in the Harvard Business Review. If the title wasn’t enough to grab my attention, the last sentence in the first paragraph had
me checking out job openings on LinkedIn: “Within five years to 10 years, the supply chain function may be obsolete, replaced by a smoothly running, selfregulating utility that ….. requires very little human attention.” Read more carefully, what the authors are really arguing is that as NextGen technologies find their place in our organizations, the role of the supply chain manager, including procurement managers, is going to change. “The managers and companies working to update their skills and processes today are the ones who will come out on top,” they argue.
If you think about it, what they’re talking about is taking what we do to the next level. That includes procurement, which is the theme of this month’s issue. In our lead off piece, for instance, Coleman Radell and David Schannon, partners at Bain & Company, take an in-depth look at the 22 digital technologies transforming procurement.We also offer articles on supply chain trust, a key ingredient for procurement professionals who want to get innovation from their best suppliers; how to turn unexpected incidents into winning opportunities; the challenges of end-to-end integration; and finally, how to become a supply chain rock star. The latter is a must read for CPOs, or those aspiring to the C-suite. SUBSCRIBERS: Click here to download PDF of the full article.