Introducing CILT Philippines


The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) supports the professionals who plan the roads, drive the trucks, bring in the raw materials, and store the goods safely. They are the leading international voice for supply chain, logistics and transport.

CILT is now actively opening a branch in the Philippines, and under the leadership of Ian Kano, their local Implementation Director are conversing with leading Logistics and Transportation Professionals from local and international companies, Universities and Government.

CILT Founders in 1919

CILT Philippines have opened a site:

Ian is currently sourcing for leading professionals to take on the executive board roles, and take part in top level government and university discussions that will help define logistics and transport as a preferred profession with international accreditation.

CILT Philippines, as part of the CILT International group will have access to international resource, opening up the countries companies to a plethora of opportunities that will advance local talent, improve income and create a better overall professional experience.  

For more information, you can contact Ian Kano via this site, or via the CILT Philippines site. 

If you are interested in taking an active role in CILT Philippines, contact us now.