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SAP WM Blueprint

This is a full 93 page SAP WM blueprint prepared by SCMOPEX for Florian GmbH.   – SAP WM Blueprint Page

Rideshare Logistics

Logistics and Transportation


We were contracted by three separate gig economies to produce in depth reports on the optimization of a ridesharing platform with three functions in mind:

  • Driver Navigation
  • App Efficiency
  • Pricing Optimzation


Golden Plaza Distributors

Warehouse Solutions
ERP Solutions

Inventory Control & ERP

Golden Plaza Distributors

Golden Plaza Distributors is a Canadian based Retail chain that provides over 50,000 different products over the counter across Canada.

With hundreds of categories and distribution points, including cement and mortar outlets as well as internet ales, GPD requested:

  • ERP Optimization
  • Inventory Control
  • Import/Export Optimization

National Distribution & OPEX

Golds Siomai, Philippines

Golds Siomai is a street vendor operation based in the Philippines and operates over 900 carts on 12 islands.

The challenges faced by an island based company are vast, and include the transportation and storage or frozen inventory. The distribution of equipment and the control over sales.

The other main challenge was designing & building a cart that cost under $50 to fabricate.

We optimized the following:

  • ERP Optimization
  • Inventory Control
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Materials Management
  • Building a Cart for under $50 each