Supply Chain Cybersecurity to Evolve in 2019


Steve Durbin, managing director at ISF (Information Security Forum) – a cybersecurity consulting firm, tells Supply Chain Management Review to expect “evolutionary” changes in the risk scenario this year.“Security is only as strong as its weakest link,” he says. “Despite organizations’ best efforts to secure intellectual property and other sensitive information, limited progress has been made in effectively managing information risk in the supply chain.”Too often, he adds, data breaches trace back to compromised vendor credentials to access the retailer’s internal networks and supply chain. Information shared in the supply chain can include intellectual property, customer-to-employee data, commercial plans or negotiations and logistics.In this exclusive interview, he expands on this forecast.Supply Chain Management Review: Total landed costs are driving some companies out of California. Will greater cybersecurity resources keep them from leaving?“Caution should not be confined to manufacturing or distribution partners. It should also embrace professional services suppliers, all of whom share access, often to your most valuable assets.” – Steve Dubin, ISFSCMR: Should universities and colleges nationwide concentrate on cyber security curriculums?