What We Do

SCMOPEX specializes in optimizing the operations of a small to medium sized business, we take your business and restructure it for excellence.

  • Do you spend too much time trying to pay off loans and bills?
  • Are you suppliers too expensive or limited?
  • Do you need to maintain stocks of materials and finished products?
  • Do you only find out about internal problems after they disrupt your sales?
  • Do you want a system to monitor every action so you know what is happening all the time?

SCMOPEX will  streamline your organization, reducing waste, raising predictability and leading you to operational excellenc (OPEX). We improve you supply chain process from sourcing to buying to supplying.

We solve your solutions in a fast and simple 7 step process:

  1. Review I: Study your current status and learn what your targets are (your vision)
  2. Conform: Negotiate the PYC and conform to your financial capabilities
  3. Design: Develop the best solution
  4. Integrate: Install the best solution
  5. Train: Teach you and/or your employees
  6. Review II: Implement and review the system
  7. Maintain: Perform a quarterly review (free of charge) for 1 year.

Our payment (PYC) method is made to ease your mind, and enable you to focus on sales and increasing profit, while we take over the operations optimization process and integrate it for maximum efficiency.

Do you want to turn your business into a success, saving you unwanted expenses and allowing you to maximize efficiency and profit?

If Yes: Contact us now to get your 2 hour free consultancy (no obligations).